Wellness Warrior Spotlight: Jessica LaForge

I was so extremely excited when beautiful Carrie asked me to guest post on her blog. I am a 30 year old Kansas girl who loves her husband, 2 daughters, college basketball, yoga, reading, cooking healthy meals, pizza and beer on Friday nights, and teaching group boot camp and yoga to an incredible group of ladies! Thank you Carrie for this opportunity.


Turning 30 makes you reflect on many things. I wasn’t expecting this milestone birthday to effect me the way it did, but it did, in the most positive way. I’ve mostly thought about changes I would have made in my early 20’s, but oh so thankful I did at 24. Here is just a bit of my story and how my journey began:

After being an athlete my whole life, I found myself unhealthy, sluggish, eating horribly, and depressed at 22. Life events can take that toll on you. 6 years ago, I looked at my then 2 year old and said that’s it. Time to change. I had nothing but a set of 5 and 10 lb dumbbells, and one home workout DVD. But I decided to make the change. I started small. I scoured any fitness article, magazine, program I could find. I slowly changed my eating habits. I started valuing myself. Before I knew it, my body and mind was changing. Everything shifted. Positivity began to surround me. It happened slowly, and not without struggles mind you, but every small change was a triumph for me. I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to this healthy lifestyle, and in turn I am the best wife, mother, daughter, and friend I could ever possibly be. Here are a few more things I have learned on my journey and would love to share with you!


-Finding balance as a busy woman or mom is achievable!!! It will take time management and dedication, but the results in other facets of your life will be so worth it!!!

-My journey is always changing and evolving. I’m always looking at ways to keep it fresh and exciting. I found yoga 4 years ago and it’s changed my life!! Find what you love, and what works for you, but also don’t be afraid to try something new and out of your comfort zone.

-Take time to appreciate each day. Be positive in all areas, then watch your life change. Block out negativity and keep your head high. Before you know it, and maybe not even realizing it at first, good things will be all around you.

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My last bit of encouragement is this: Everyday should not be a battle, it’s a gift! There will be moments of weakness, tough times and tough decisions. Days of splurging, skipping workouts, and just having zero motivation will happen as well. Embrace this journey you are on. There is no before and after; only continuing progress. Treat your body right-we are only given one, so LOVE it. Find workouts you LOVE. Find clean foods you LOVE. Find the person you are, the one you LOVE. Some days, playing with your kids trumps a workout-that’s LOVE. Believe in your goals and know you are worth it!